History of Falconry

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34 titles

van den Abeele, Baudouin 's
La fauconnerie au moyen age: connaisance, affaitage et médecine des oiseaux de chasse d'apres les treites latins
Publ.: Klincksieck
Year and place: 1994 Paris

**   In french

Ackersdijck, W. C.
De Valkenjagt te Valkenswaard en Waalre
Year and place: 1838

***   In dutch.

Barth, Edvard K.
Article in: Skalks gæstebog '85; pp. 51-56

****   Danish. 'Falcontrappers.'

Bollmer, H.
Falconry in the Middle Ages
Article in: Sci. Amer. 69 (Suppl.):169-170, Mar. 12, 1910


Bratrein, Håvard Dahl
Falkefangst i Nord-Norge
Article in: Ottar; vol. 5; iss. 162; pp. 34-38

****   In norwegian. 'Trapping falcons in northern Norway'

Collet, R.
Article in: Folkevennen; anno 1874; pp. 195-224

****   In danish. Falconry.

Cummins, John
The Hound and the Hawk
Publ.: Weidenfeld and Nicholson
Year and place: 1988 London
ISBN: 0 297 79459 0


Cooper, J.E.
A historical review of goshawk training and disease
In R.E. Kenward and I.M. Lindsay [eds.] . Understanding the Goshawk; pp. 175-184
Publ.: International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey
Year and place: 1981


Deichmann, C.
Falke og falkejagt
Article in: Norske Videnskabernes Selskabs Skrifter; anno 1788; vol. II; pp. 58-88

****   Danish.'Hawks and falconry'.

Freeman, Gage Earle /Salvin, Francis Henry
Falconry, its Claims, History and Practice
Publ.: Longman, Green, Longman and Roberts
Year and place: 1859 London


New ed.: Reprint
Publ.: Paul Minet
Year and place: 1972 Chicheley


Gossard, Tom
Favorite falconers
Article in: Journal of N. Amer. Falconers Ass.; vol. 36 (1997); pp. 12-28

****   Keywords: Historical falconers, biographies, Sir Richard Francis Burton, Captain Francis Henry Salvin, William Broderick, Reverend Gage Earl Freeman, James Edmund Harting, Gerald William Lascelles, Edward Blair Michell, Major Charles Hawkins Fisher.

Hesselbjerg Christensen, Niels
Kunsten at jage med fugle
Article in: SFINX; årgang 1987; no 3; pp. 123-126

****   Danish. 'The art of hunting with birds.'

Hesselbjerg Christensen, Niels
De store falke fra de danske konger
Publ.: Privately printed
Year and place: 1995 Aalborg
ISBN: 87-985700-0-5

****   Danish. 'The large falcons from the danish kings.' The most comprehensive study ever made on the history of falconry and falcon catching in the Kingdom of Denmark in the period 1523-1810. Includes an english summary.

Høg, Jens Ulrik
Den store fuglekrig
Article in: Jagt & Natur; årgang 1998; no 1; pp. 8-10

****   Danish. 'The Great Bird-war.'

Jacobsen, P. V.
Bidrag til en Skildring af Falkevæsenet og Falkejagten førhen, navnlig i Danmark
Article in: Nyt Historisk Tidsskrift; anno 1848; 2. bind; pp. 307-414

****   Danish. 'Contribution to a description of falconry before, namely in Denmark.'

Leggatt, N. J. Shirley
Aristotle and falconry
Article in: The Falconer; vol. 2 (1950); iss. 4 (June); p. 35


Lieberkind, Dr. phil. Ingvald
Dyrenes Verden - Pattedyr og fugle:
Year and place:

****   Danish. Pp. 628 ff: about hawking with goshawks; pp. 753 ff, about hawking with falcons (from Tillisch)

Lindblad, J. W.
Anteckningar om Jagten med Falkar
Publ.: SJNT
Year and place: 1864 Stockholm

****    Swedish. 'Notes on the hunting with hawks'.

McKay, Paul
Criminal justice
Article in: The Whig-Standard Magazine (Kingston, Ontario), anno 1987

****   A long article about 'Operation Falcon'.

Morris, Christopher
The Pennsylvania scalp act of 1885. An example of bounties and public sentiment toward raptors
Article in: NAFA Hawk Chalk, vol. 36 (1997), iss. 2 (August), pp. 68-70


van Oorschot, Dr. J. P. M.
Vorstelijke vliegers en valkenswaards valkeniers
Publ.: Stichting Zuidelijk Historisch Contact
Year and place: 1974 Tilbug

***      Dutch. Hard cover, 329 pp. + xxxix. Illustrated. German summary. About falconry and falconers in Valkenswaard, Netherlands.

Oswald, Allan
The History and Practice of Falconry
Publ.: Neville Spearman Ltd.
Year and place: 1982 Jersey
ISBN: 0-85978-050-3

****      Soft cover. 120 pp. A few b/w illustrations and photographs. Contain a short and rather unimportant chapter on the training of hawks. The chapter on the history of falconry is the most interesting to falconers. All chapters are spiced with quotations regarding falconry from the litterature - Shakespeare, Chaucer, etc., which makes it interesting to read after all.Content: The History of Falconry / The Falconer's Birds / The Falconer's Furniture / Training / Care of Sick and Injured, Conservation and the Law / Glossary of Falconer's Terms / Falconaide

Pichot, M. H. Pierre
La Fauconnerie en Angleterre et en France a notre Époque
Year and place: 1865 Paris

***      French.

Rasmussen, Holger
Disse fuglenes officerer
Article in: Skalk; anno 1969; no. 3; pp.3-8

****       Danish. 'These officers of birds.'

Reinhardt, I.
Article in: Dansk Maanedsskrift; anno 1858; 7. bind; pp. 279-314, pp. 383-412

****    Danish. 'Falconry'.

Schlegel, Hermann
The world of falconry: completed by a study of falconry today in the Arab world
Publ.: Vendome Press
Year and place: 1979 New York


Sjöberg, Jan Eric
Riddaren och falken, in 'Arkeologi i Västsverige 5
Publ.: Göteborgs arkeologiske museum
Year and place: 1992 Göteborg

****   In swedish. 'The knight and the falcon.'

Sten, Sabine / Vretemark, Maria

Article in: Fornvännen; vol. 83; pp.145-156

****    Swedish. 'The Chieftains' grave project - osteological analyses of bone-rich graves of the Early Iron Age'. English summary here.

Tillisch, C. J.
Falkejagten og dens Historie
Publ.: P. Haase & Søn
Year and place: 1949 København

****   164 pp. Danish. 'Falconry and its history' Content: Foreword / Introduction / The birds of the hunt / Trapping of the hawks / The taming of the hawks / Training for hunt / Hawking / The history of falconry / Hawk diseases / Legislaton / Denmark, Norway and Iceland together with Sweden / Contemporary falconry / Closing chapter / English translation of the chapter about Denmark, Norway and Iceland together with Sweden / Falconry terminology / Litterature / Index

The first book ever written about falconry in danish! By a non-falconer. Contains a popular description of falconry as it was practiced in earlier times. Unfortunately the description of the history of falconry takes it's end in the early 19th century. The only alternative to this book if you want to know about the history of falconry in Scandinavia is a few magazine articles written in the 18th and 19th century. Most of them used as source material to this book. This book is commonly used as reference book for journalists writing an article about falconry. Unfortunately they believe that falconry became extinct in Denmark in the early 19th century as the description in this book ends here. Review in english.   Jakob E. Borch

La chasse au vol au fil des temps
Publ.: Musse International de la Chasse
Year and place: Gien 1994

**   Catalogue of an exhibit held in Guien in 1994.

Vorro, J.
History of Falconry in North America
Article in: NAFA journal; anno 1986

Vretemark, Maria
Jakt med dresserad rovfågel i Sverige under yngre järnalder. Uppsats i Påbyggnadskurs i Arkeologi, särskilt nordeuropeisk, vid Stockholms Universitet, Fremlagd VT 1983
Publ.: Privately printed
Year and place: 1983 Stockholm

****   Archaological disputate showing that falconry was practiced in Sweden in the early iron-age. Interesting conclusions.     J. Borch

van de Wall, Dr. J. W. M.
De valkerij op het Loo, The Royal Loo Hawking Club 1839-1855
Publ.: Joh. Enschede
Year and place: 1986 Haarlem
ISBN: 90-70024-42-X

***   Dutch. 4to, 143 pp. Published on occasion of the exhibit in Loo, 1986.

Wenzel, Frank
Rovfuglene og mennesket
Publ.: Ørnereservatet
Year and place: 1993
ISBN: 87-981925-3-1

****   Danish. The birds of prey and man. 160 pp. Account of the political history of falconry of the last 40 years. Lots of source-material. Many beautyful photographs of various birds of prey. Summaries in english and german.

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