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Falconry in Denmark
- published May 1996

- updated 12. Dec. 1998

The History of Falconry in Scandinavia
- re-edited 18. May 1997

Bibliotheca Accipitraria
- updated 1. April 1998

Birds of Prey
- updated 1. April 1997

The Practice of Falconry
- updated 12. Dec. 1998

Clubs & Organizations:


The Danish Hawking Club
- updated 12. Dec. 1998

Round the Smoking Room Fire
- updated 13. Nov. 1997

The Swedish Falconer's Association
- created 10. feb. 1998

Miscellaneous texts
- updated 1. April 1998

Dansk version

Welcome to the first and only Scandinavian site on falconry. It's purpose is to diffuse knowledge of falconry as it is practiced in Scandinvavia, the conditions of falconry in Scandinavia, . If some of the readers are inspired to take up falconry themselves, please consider that you do not become a falconer on the internet - nor by reading ever so many of the books referred to on these pages.
   Most of the articles are written from the assumption that the reader have little or no knowledge of falconry at all. Falconers might find the addresses, the booklist in "Bibliotheca Accipitraria", the hawking stories in "Round the Smoking Room Fire", the art in "Galleria Accipitraria", the pages on legislation, culture and history worthwhile.

Most of the pages are in English only. A few exists in both a Danish and an English version. A few are written only in danish, as they contain information I believe only to be of interest to Scandinavians. Comments to the pages are welcome.

Description of Content:

Falconry in Denmark is an account on the conditions of falconry and falconers in Denmark.

The History of Falconry in Scandinavia is a comprehensive account on the history of falconry in Scandinavia. 1500 years of history is covered - from the iron-age to the present day.

'The Practice of Falconry' is meant to serve as an introduction to the practical aspects of falconry: characteristics of the birds of prey used in falconry, basic principles of handling and training, presentation of the falconers equipment and hints on how to get started. In due time instructions on how to make equipment yourself, and hints on the care and maintenance of captive birds of prey will be found here.

'Birds of Prey' contain a list of all species of birds of prey of the world. Names are given in Danish, Latin and English. Accounts of some of the species, most of which are not commonly used in falconry. The commonly used species are described on other sites, and only the ones dearest to me will be mentioned.

Round the Smoking Room Fire Hunting-stories, anecdotes, riddles, jokes, etc., etc. - all you'll spend your time with once a days hawking is over and you've settled round the fire...

Miscellaneous. Texts which don't fit into any other category mentioned. Amongst these are also contributions from the readers.

Legislation presents Danish as well as common european legislation regarding falconry. Excerpts from relevant laws, statutory orders, directives and judgements of court.

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