12 disease-lists of 250 Celebrities



MOHAMMED ALI, 57, American boxer, The most wellknown person in the world slightly ahead of the second, pope John Paul 2.
POPE JOHN PAUL 2, visible tremor in the left arm, no official confirmation, but Parkinson condition disclosed by Bob Woodward.
MICHAEL J. FOX, Diminutive 38 years old film & tv star admitted to having Parkinsonīs 26.11.1998 after 7 years of illness.
JOHNNY CASH, 67, country singer, announced 28th October 1997 that he had Parkinsonīs and now had started taking medication for it.
JANET RENO (1938--) former US Secretary of Justice, of Danish origin, announced November 1995 that she had Parkinsonīs.
BILLY GRAHAM, 81, televangelist, suffered Parkinsonīs since 1992 and ended his crusades in 2000.
VINCENT PRICE (1911-1993) leading horror actor of Hollywood died 1993, 82 years old, suffering of Parkinsonīs.
ED   WINTER, 63, actor who played Col. Flagg on the television series ``MASH,'' died March 8 2001 of complications of Parkinsonīs.
PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU, former prime minister of Canada, died 2000, 80 years old, suffering from Parkinson's disease.
ADOLF HITLER (1889-1945) the Germen dictator had a trembling left hand in his last years maybe brought on by late stages of syphilis.
FRANCISCO FRANCO (1892-1975) Spanish dictator
WILLIAM MASTERS, (1916-2001)  Sex Therapy Pioneer, dies 2001 at 85 of complications of Parkinsonīs disease. Retired 1999.
PAULINE KAEL, leading filmcritic died at 82 years suffering of Parkinsonīs. Retired from New Yorker 1991.
MORRIS UDALL (1922-1998) former American Democratic congressman diagnozed with severe Parkinsonīs in his later years.
SALVADOR DALI, (1904-1989) Spanish surrealist painter, from 1940 mostly living in US.
HENRY WADE, Former Dallas County District Attorney (Roe vs. Wade and Jack Ruby cases) , died 2001 at 86 of Parkinsonīs disease.
SIR JOHN BETJEMAN, (1906-1984) poet laureate of England 1972-1984.
MARGARET BOURKE WHITE, (1906-1971) photojournalist and "LIFE"-photographer.
MAURICE WHITE, musician and founder of the "Earth, Wind & Fire"  rock band.
MICHAEL REDGRAVE (1908-1985) English film actor.
TERRY-THOMAS, (1911-1990) English comedian, announced 1980 that he had Parkinsonīs for 10 years and that he was retiring.
KENNETH MORE,  (1914-1982) British film and TV actor in 1980 announced his retirement due to Parkinsonīs.
MICHAEL KINSLEY, 50, Journalist of CNN "Crossfire" and WEB-Zine "Slate" announced Dec. 2001 that he had Parkinson`s for 8 years.
ARTHUR KOESTLER, (1905-1983) , British writer and reporter, debilitated and depressed by Parkinsonīs disease.
YASIR ARAFAT, (1929-) Palestinensian leader believed to have Parkinsonīs due to tremors especially of his lips and hands.
ENOCH POWELL, 85, British Right-wing Conservative Politician "The Best PM, who never was" died Feb. 98 fighting Parkinsons.
DEBORAH KERR, (1921--)  British film actress got an Oscar in 1993 and was diagnozed with Parkinsonīs in the last years.
KATHARINE HEPBURN, (1907- ) US film actress reportedly has Parkinsonism with severe head and jaw movements.
DUDLEY MOORE (1935-2002), Film-actor and comedian known for the "Arthur"- films died suffering the parkinson-related disease PSP.

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RONALD REAGAN, former US president and Hollywood actor announced his Alzheimer disease the 5th November 1994.
RITA HAYWORTH, (+1987) her strange behavior in later years was caused by Alzheimer's according to her daughter Yasmin Aga Khan.
CYRUS VANCE, former US Secretary of State died January 2002 at 84 of age, suffering from Alzheimerīs from the mid-1990īties.
IRIS MURDOCH  (1919-1999) British Irish - born novelist and philosopher.
ARON COPLAND  (1900-1990) US folksy-jazz composer died at 90 of Alzheimerīs.
PERRY COMO (1912-2001) . American singer known as "Mr. Nice Guy" or "Mr. Class". He retired in 1994.
SIR RUDOLPH BING (1902-1997) General Manager of the New York Metropolitan Opera for 22 years.
WILLEM DE KOONING (1904-1997) Dutch painter and artist died at 93 still working despite his mental deterioration.
SUGAR RAY ROBINSON  (1921-1989) US middleweight boxer died with Alzheimerīs , heart disease and diabetes.
E.B.WHITE (1899-1985) essayist and storyteller died at 86 suffering of  Alzheimerīs.
ROBERT GRAVES (1895-1985) British writer of "I, Claudius" in 1934. Died under around-the-clock care paid by TV-rights of "I, Claudius".
W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM  (1874-1965) according to biographer Ted Morgan, Maugham was severely hit by dementia.
BARRY GOLDWATER, US Republican politician, dead at 83. His family announced his Alzheimerīs September 1997. Retired 1986.
WINSTON CHURCHILL (b.1874) died 1965 after 8 years of increasing signs of mental deterioration.
"WILD BILL" DONOVAN, founder of CIA-precurser OSS lost his intelligence in his last years.
DEWITT WALLACE, founder of monthly magazine "Readers Digest" got Alzheimers together with his wife Lila.
FRANK SINATRA, US singer and entertainer died suffering the first stages of Alzheimer.
HENRY FORD (1863-1947) US car-maker, died 1947 after years of senility.
MARY REEVES, widow of country singer Jim Reeves (+1964) had Alzheimers and died 1999 in a nursing home.
DANA ANDREWS, (1909-1992) US movie actor.
JONATHAN SWIFT (1667-1745) , author of Gulliver's Travels and many essays, 18th century writer.
RALPH WALDO EMERSON (1803-1882). American essayist, poet and philosopher whose mind went blank in his last years.
MAURICE RAVEL, (1875-1937)  French composer of  "Bolero".
EDMUND O'BRIEN, (1915-1985) US- Irish film actor.
ARLENE FRANCIS, (1907-2001) US stage-TV-movie star of Turkish origin.
HELMUT ZACHARIAS, (1920-2002) a German composer and musician dubbed the "magic violinist" has died at 82, suffering of Alzheimerīs for 7 years.
AUGUSTE D., the first diagnosed Alzheimer-patient in 1906 described by German doctor Alois Alzheimer.

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Alan Alda: actor, writer, director
Ben Bradlee: former editor for the Washington Post
Arthur C. Clarke: author
Judy Collins: singer
Francis Ford Coppola: director
Claudius (10 B.C. to 54 A.D.): Emperor of Rome
Mia Farrow: actress
Mel Ferrar: actor
Lis Hartel: Danish equestrian
Joni Mitchell: singer
Jack Nicklaus: golfer
J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967): physicist and teacher "Father of the a-bomb".
Itzhak Perlman: internationally acclaimed violinist
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945): US president
Wilma Rudolph (1940-1994): athlete, olympic gold medalist
David Sanborn: saxophonist
Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832): father of historical fiction
Dinah Shore (1916-1994): singer
Lord Snowden: photographer, UK (Princess Margaret's former husband)
Margarete Steiff (1847-1909): German seamstress who founded Steiff Teddy Bears
Brooks Stevens (1911-1995): "creative genius" at Harley Davidson
Neil Young: 1970s and 1980s Canadian rock singer



ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL (1847-1922) : inventor of the telephone
JANE AUSTEN,   died 1817 of turberculosis at 42, Writer
HONORÉ DE BALZAC, died 1850 at 51, Writer
LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN , died 1827 at 57,  Composer
SARAH BERNHARDT, died 1923 at 79 , french actress.
SIMON BOLIVAR, (1783-1830) Venezuelan revolutionary leader, died of tuberculosis.
EMILY BRONTE, (1818-1848) English novelist/poet, died of turberculosis. (+ CHARLOTTE B. + 3 sisters, 1 brother, and mother & father)
ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING  (1806-1861) :  British poet. 
ROBERT BURNS, died in 1796 at 37, British poet.
MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO, died in 43BC at 63 Roman orator and philosopher.
CARDINAL RICHELIEU, (1581-1642) French statesman died of tuberculosis.
NOEL COWARD (1899-1973) : British actor and writer
ANTON CHEKOV, (1860-1904)  Russian writer, died of tuberculosis.
FREDERIC CHOPIN (1810-1849)  Polish composer and pianist
MARIE CURIE (1867-1934) : Polish-French scientist
EUGENE DELACROIX, died in 1863 at 65, French painter
RENÉ DESCARTES, died 1650 at 54 french mathematician and philosopher.
FYODOR DOSTOYEVSKY, (1821-1881) Russian novelist.
PAUL EHRLICH, died 1915 at 61, Physician.
RALPH WALDO EMERSON, (1803-1882) American essayist/poet
W.C. FIELDS (1879-1946) : US film comedian
MAHATMA GANDHI (1869-1948) : religious leader of India
PAUL GAUGUIN (1848-1903) : French painter
JOHANN GOETHE, (1749-1832) German writer/scientist
EDVARD GRIEG, died 1907 at 64 Norwegian composer.
ADOLF HITLER (1889-1945) : German dictator
AL JOLSON (1886-1950) : US singer and actor
FRANZ KAFKA, (1883-1924) Czech novelist 
JOHN KEATS, (1795-1821) English poet,  died of tuberculosis.
D.H. LAWRENCE, (1885-1930) English writer, died of tuberculosis
VIVIEN LEIGH (1913-1967) :  British actress, died of tuberculosis.
JOHN LOCKE, died in 1704 at age 72. English philosopher.
JEAN MOLIERE, (1622-1673), French playwright
THOMAS MANN, died in 1955 at age 80. German writer
W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM (1874-1965) : English writer
GUY DE MAUPASSANT, died 1893 at age 43. French writer.
AMEDEO MODIGLIANI, died in 1920 at age 36.  Italian painter.
NAPOLEON, (1769-1821) : Emperor of France
EUGENE OīNEILL,  (1888-1953) American playwright, died of tuberculosis.
FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE, died in 1910 at 90 Nurse.
NICCOLO PAGANINI, (1782-1840) Italian violin virtuoso
EDGAR ALLAN POE, (1809-1849) American writer/poet, died of tuberculosis.( +father, mother, wife)
HENRY PURCELL, died in 1695 at 36, british composer
ELEANOR ROOSEVELT (1884-1962) : US first lady and humanitarian, died of tuberculosis.
GEORGE ORWELL (1903-1950) : British writer, died of tuberculosis.
H. VAN RIJN REMBRANDT died 1669 at 63, Painter.
JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU, died 1778 at 66,  Writer.
JOHANN SCHILLER, (1759-1805) German writer/historian, died of tuberculosis.
CECIL RHODES, died 1902 at 49, Politician  and empirebuilder.
SIR WALTER SCOTT, (1771-1832) Scottish novelist/poet died of tuberculosis.
PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY, died 1822 at 30, Poet.
BARUCH SPINOZA, (1632-1677) Dutch philosopher, died of tuberculosis.
ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON (1850-1894) : British writer, died of heart attack.
IGOR STRAVINSKI, died 1971 at 89, Composer
DYLAN THOMAS, died 1953 at 39,  Writer
HENRY DAVID THOREAU (1817-1862) : US writer
FRANCOIS VOLTAIRE,  (1694-1778) French writer/philosopher
H.G. WELLS (1866-1946) : British writer
BILLY WILDER (1906-2002) hollywood writer/director of Austrian/Hungarian origin, "Sunset Boulevard", died of pneumonia.





ARTHUR ASHE (1945-1995) US black tennis player
ALLAN BLOOM, US author and critic
CYRIL COLLARD, (1957-1993) French film maker, musician and writer.
ROY COHN (1927-1986) US lawyer and communist-hunter
DENHOLM ELLIOTT (1922-1992) English actor
PERRY ELLIS (1940-1986) US fashion designer
MICHEL FOUCAULT (1926-1984) French philosopher
KEITH HARING (1958-1990) US painter and artist
JIM HENSON (-) Muppet creator
JOHN C. HOLMES (1944-1988) porn star
ROCK HUDSON (1925-1985) film star
LIBERACE (1919-1987) pianist and entertainer
ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE (1946-1989) US photographer
FREDDY MERCURY (1946-1991) singer
RUDOLF NUREYEV (1938-1993) ballet dancer
ANTHONY PERKINS (1932-1992) US actor
ROBERT REED (1932-1992) English actor
TONY RICHARDSON (1928-1991) English film director




Charles Dickens (1812-1870) British author
Tchaikovsky   (1840-1893) Russian composer
Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) Greek ruler
Julius Caesar (102-44 BC)  Roman emperor
Fyodor Dostoyefsky (1821-1881) (Russian author)
Napoleon (1769-1821) French Emperor
Byron (1788-1824) British poet
Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893)  French author
Pythagoras (Greek mathematician)
Hector Berlioz, (1803-1869) French romantic composer
Georg Friederich Händel (1685-1759)  British composer
Gustave Flaubert 1821-1880 (French novelist)
Richard Burton, (1925-1984) British film actor
Alfred Lord Tennyson (Poet)
Lewis Carrol (Storyteller and mathematician)
Socrates (Philosopher)
Sister Wendy Beckett (art expert)
Joan of Arc (French Saint)
Peter the Great (Russian ruler)
Edgar Allen Poe (Author)
Blaise Pascal (French Scientist, philosopher, and mathematician)
Neil Young (rock musician)
Alfred Nobel (1833-96) (founder of the Nobel prize awards - dynamite inventor)
Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837-1909) (English poet)
Aristotle (Greek philosopher)
Isaac Newton (1633-1727) (invented gravity)
Michelangelo (1475-1564) (Italian artist)
Leonardo da Vinci (Italian artist)
William Pitt (British politician)
Margaux Hemingway (US actress)
Hannibal (Alp crossing with elephants- from Carthage)
Bud Abbott (of Abbott and Costello fame)
Agatha Christie (English crime author)
Paganini (1782-1840) Italian violin virtuoso
James Madison (1751-1836) (constitution)
Moličre (1622-1673) (French Playwright)
Rudi Dutschke (German Student Leader)
Pope Pius IX. Pope 1846-78
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Russian Revolutionist)
Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642) (French Statesman, bishop 1607)
Martin Luther (Religious leader)
Robert Schumann (1810-56) (German romantic composer)
Elton John (Rock musician)
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) Italian poet
Truman Capote, (1924-1984) US writer
Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) Dutch painter




ZELDA FITZGERALD, was diagnosed 1927 by Karl Jung, and received shock therapy.
DAVID HELFGOTT, famed pianist has schizoaffective disorder.
MARY TODD LINCOLN, wife of US president Lincoln, who was shot in 1865.
JOHN NASH, US mathematician got the Nobel-prize for his "game theory".
Vaslav Nijinsky, Russian ballet dancer, was diagnosed by Eugen Bleuler, who coined the term.
Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) Dutch painter



ARTHUR ASHE (1945-1995) US black tennis player
Lionel Bart, English musical writer, "Oliver!"
Jack Benny, US comedian
JAMES CAGNEY (1904-1986) US film actor
Johnny Cash, US country singer
MILES DAVIS (1926-1991) US jazz musician
THOMAS EDISON (1847-1931) U.S. inventor
Joe Fraizer, US heavyweight boxer.
Mick Fleetwood US rock musician.
Jackie Gleason, US TV -actor
Waylon Jennings, Country music legend died Feb. 2002 at 64 of diabetes.
Elvis Presley, US rock singer
ERNEST HEMINGWAY (1899-1961) U.S. writer
Billy Jean King. Tennis player
Leo McKern, British actor "Rumpole"
Mary Tyler Moore, US TV-actress
B.B. KING, US guitarist.
MAHALIA JACKSON (1911-1972) U.S. gospel singer
GEORGE LUCAS (1944- ) U.S. film director
MEATLOAF, US rock singer
MARIO PUZO, US writer wrote "Godfather"
GIACOMO PUCCINI (1858-1924)  Italian opera composer.
Sugar Ray Robinson, (1921-1989) US middleweight boxer
SHARON STONE, U.S. film actress
FRANZ JOSEF STRAUSS (--1988) German right-wing Bavarian politician died suffering of diabetes.
SPENCER TRACY (1900-1967) U.S. film actor
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, UK composer of "Cats" & "Phantom of the Opera".
HG WELLES (1866-1946) English writer.



RONALD REAGAN, former US president and Hollywood actor.
AUDREY HEPBURN (1929-1993) revealed 1992 her colon cancer.
CHARLES SCHULZ, "Peanuts" creator died 2000 of cancer.
Elizabeth Montgomery, actress, died of colon cancer.
NICK LEASON, financial trader had tumor removed in 1998.
THOMAS "TIP" OīNEILL died 1994 after 1987 diagnosis.
WILLY BRANDT, German politician died of colon cancer.
RUTH BADER GINSBURG, US supreme court judge 1999.



NELSON MANDELA, 82 years old South  African ex-president.
FRANCOIS MITTERAND  (1916-1996) French president, died of prostate-cancer.
Don Ameche (actor, died at 85) US film actor.
Baudouin (king of Belgium)
William Casey (former CIA director)
Orval Faubus (former Arkansas governor, died at 83)
Charles de Gaulle (French statesman and president )
James Herriott (author, died at 78) animal veterinarian.
Felix Houphouet-Boigny (president Ivory Coast, died at 88)
Khomeini (Iranian leader, died at 89)
Timothy Leary (ca. 1921-1996, LSD-prophet)
Michael Milkin (Wall Street junk bond dealer)
Mobutu Sese Seko (Dictator in Zaire, died at 66)
John von Neumann (1903-1957, mathematician)
Turgut Özal (president of Turkey, died at 66)
Linus Pauling (1901-1994, chemist) Nobel-pricewinner twice.
Steve Ross (CEO Time-Warner, died at 65)
Cornelius Ryan (author of "The Longest Day")
Telly Savalas (actor, died at 70) Bald actor, "Kojak".
John Tower (former US senator)
Frank Zappa (rock star, died at 52)
PIERRE TRUDEAU, former PM of Canada, died 2000 of prostate cancer.
RUDOLPH GIULIANI, New York City Mayor.
DESMOND TUTU, (1931--) South African bishop and Nobel-pricewinner.


MS- Multiple Sclerosis

JACQUELINE DU PRE,  (1945-1987) British cellist; stricken with multiple sclerosis 1972.
RICHARD PRYOR, (*1940- ) actor, comedian, career cut short by MS in 1995.
MICHAEL CRICHTON - Hollywood writer of ER and Jurassic Park
ANETTE FUNICELLO (*1942- ), Disney actress, diagnozed 1987 with MS, announced 1992.
HEINRICH HEINE -  (1797-1856) German poet posthumously diagnosed with MS
MONTEL WILLIAMS (*1943- ) US talk show host, announced his MS in 1999.
LENA HORNE (*1917--)  US black actress and singer
PAUL WELLSTONE, US senator, 57 years of age, announced 2002 that he had sclerosis for 15 years.
CARL LAEMMLE, JR. - film producer and son of the founder of Universal Studios.
DINO FERRARI - Ferrari automobiles (gave his name to the Ferrari Dino)
ALAN OSMOND, US musician of "The Osmonds" and Mormon.
DONNA FARGO, US country singer.
BETTY CUTHBERT, Australia, won three gold medals as a sprinter at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.
DAVID LANDER, 51, US TV actor, developed MS in 1984, announced his MS in 1999.
Sir Augustus Frederic D'Este (1794-1848) - grandson of King George III - 1st documented case of MS


ALS Sclerosis - Lou Gehrigīs disease

LOU GEHRIG (+1941) baseball star, retired 1939.

DIMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH, (1906 -1975) Russian composer
DAVID NIVEN (1909-1983) Debonair British film actor, ALS diagnozed 1982.
MAO ZE TUNG, (1893 - 1976) Chinese communist chairman
DENNIS DAY, singer/actor
MICHAEL ZASLOW, creator of Sesame Street
CHARLIE MINGUS, (1922 -- 1979) US Jazz legend
JACOB JAVITS, (1904 -1986) former US Senator
STEPHEN W. HAWKING (*1942-) British physicist.


Historical List of Plague Epidemics

Year: Kill-rate:   Epidemics:-

5 %-35 %

   The first big plague killing 5% to 35% of populace.


   This follow-up killed especially minor children.

10-30 %

    London was hit in in 1563, 1593, 1603, 1625, 1636 and...

28 %

    The Great Plague of London was the last of the big ones.
1630 35 %- 69 %     This Italian plague was possibly the worst killer
1709-13 30 %-49 %   Germany: Danzig 49% and the Baltic (30%-34%)
1720 25 %- 50 %   Provence: Marseille 40%, Toulon + 50%, Aix+Arles 25%

60 %

    Messina was hit by plague as the last.

  2 %

   The Spanish Disease possibly killed 30 mill. worldwide.

0.20 %

   Malaria now kills 2,600,000 per year.

0.25 %

   The AIDS-epidemics now kills 3,000,000 per year

0.20 %

  Tuberculosis - the old killer is back.


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