Turning Points and Casualties of WW2

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YEAR:   The Road to WorldWar 2
1918, 11th November    The Great War ended with the capitulation of Germany.
1933, 30th of January    Hitler becomes German Chancellor.
1936, 7th of March    Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland in a bloodless invasion.
1938, 14th of March    Hitler annexes Austria. A plebiscite shows that nearly all approve.
1938, 29th September    At Munich Britain and France allows Germany to invade Sudetenland.
1939, 15th of March   Böhmen and Mähren are invaded by Germany.
1939, 1st September    Germany invade Poland and caused Britain and France to declare war.
1940, 9th of April    German troops seize Norway and Denmark.
1940, May-June    Germany invade the Netherlands, Belgium and France.
1941, 6th of April   Germany invade Yugoslawia and Greece, delaying attack on Russia.
1941, 22nd of June    Hitler starts the attack on Russia, the emerging Super Power.
1941, 7th of December    The Japanese attacks Pearl Harbour. USA declares war on Japan.

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YEAR:   Turning points of WW2:
1941, 22nd of June    Hitler´s doomed attack on Russia, the emerging Super Power.
1941, 7th of December    Hitler´s declaration of war against the other Super Power, USA.
1942, 20th January    The Wannsee-conference with the "Endlösung" preempting the defeat
1942, Spring    As Hitler takes over as war-leader in face of defeat, OKW breaks down
1942, June 3    The Battle of Midway effectively broke the back of the Japanese Fleet.
1942, August    The victory at El Alamain was a sideshow.
1943, January    At  Stalingrad the Russian victory was as clear as the German defeat.
1943-1944    Already in 1943 USA started canceling orders for war-production.
1943, May 24   The Battle of the Atlantic won: U-boots were loosing in the last 2 years
1944, 6th of June   D-Day meant a second front, and it was the beginning of the end.
1944, 20th July   Assassination attempt on Hitler marks that all could see the end.
1945, 6th August   A-bomb on Hiroshima led to capitulation of Japan and the end of WW2.

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Country:   Death Toll of WW2: Out of an total of abt. 50,000,000
Soviet Union    20,000,000 casualties civilian and military
China    3,000,000- 15,000,000. The latter number is more likely.
Germany    4,500,000 including 1,000,000 civilians.
Japan    2,000,000 casualties.
Bengal    1,500,000 died of war-related famine in 1943 in Bengal
Yugoslavia    1,300,000 including 1,000,000 civilians
Italy    500,000 casualties.
France    500,000 casualties half of them civilians.
Britain    less than 500,000 but with 120,000 additional from the Empire.
United States   less than 300,000 died;  additional hundred thousands died in industry
Hungary, Poland, Rom    3-400,000 losses in each army of  Hungary, Poland and Romania.
East & CentralEurope    4,300,000 to 5,800,000 Jews died as well as a similar number of slaws.

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Death Toll of The Great War 1914-1918

Germany   1,808,000
Austria-Hungary   1,200,000
Russia   1,700,000
France   1,385,000
England      947,000
Italy      460,000
Poland (civilians)      500,000
Turkey      350,000
Romania      350,000
USA      115,000
Total estimated   8,000,000
Wounded 19,536,000

Deadliest wars since WW2 with totals of military and civil casualties: Korea 3,000,000 - Vietnam 2,059,000 - Nigeria 2,000,000 - Afghanistan 1,300,000 - Bangladesh 1,000,000 - China 1,000,000 - Cambodia 1,000,000 - India 800,000 - More died of the Spanish Disease 30,000,000 in 1918-19,  than of WW1. - US Civil War 1,000,000 - 11,500,000 blacks died in Belgican Congo around 1900.   Of 11.000.000 died in Holocaust half were jews. More died under Communist rule (62 mill. USSR -35.mill. China)  than of the 2 World Wars combined.

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