Find your Danish ancestors

Danish Genealogy is a newly established genealogical service. The purpose of DG's activities is to trace your Danish ancestors. Many descendants of Danish emigrants fail to find their Danish roots due to distance, language or lack of knowledge of the Danish archive system. Other people spent hours or even days of useless search in the Danish archives, because of these shortcommings. Or they missed a lot of additional information. You maybe found an ancestor in the parish records, but what did the expression "hørkræmmer" mean?

If these problems seems familiar to you Danish Genealogy may help you on the right track.

For this service a fee is required. In most cases, however, it is possible to trace quite many ancestors with only a limited amount of time consumed.

On the following pages you will find some further information on genealogy in Denmark.

How to contact Danish Genealogy?

Send a mail to the following address and ask for further information:

Jan Moeller c/o Danish Genealogy
Baunegaardsvej 40

Latest update: 26-09-1997